On the field I watch them carry a lamb

to be slaughtered, perplexed at

the cruelty the world must have

to sacrifice such a gentle & dainty thing–

its snow-soft skin, eyes wide & bright,

little legs giving in as it enters a world

seemingly full of wonders, unaware of the fate

it’s condemned to; & then I remember myself

from all those years ago: Was I not a child, too?

Phoenix Tesni (she/her) is a twenty-three year-old poet from New Delhi. A Best Small Fictions finalist, her works also appear in Surging Tide, Limelight Review,  Sage Cigarettes, Celestite Poetry, and many other places. Phee likes to dedicate her life to consuming & creating art, indulging in all forms of South-Korean multimedia, and petting as many cats as possible. You can find her at or on Twitter/Instagram @PhoenixTesni. 

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