winter love


          You were born in winters.       So, I often wonder    if   

                   the entire eternity had preserved its warmness 

          in ant-holes   under my bed   by oak tree   over the sky

                   An archangel carefully confines this holy grail   

          in your soul    right at your heart    within your bones

                   She holds your gentle face full moles of love

          kiss on eyelid    a star is born    my star    my north pole

                   Do you know how these flowers sing in joy?

          they sing     for you     you a bloom      you a souvenir

                   if you are a maple leaf in an old gentleman’s diary

                           so are you a rose fragranting my cold fists

           I wonder    of your nothingness     of your wholeness 

                   In you     I find the world     I find myself     

                         I dream     I fall     I wonder     I love     you 

Ghazal is a yearner for gentleness in the stillness of life, nature and art. You can find a full list of their works

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